Month: May 2018


Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

If you recognize this mantra, you may know it comes from marksmanship training. The idea is that it is better to move slowly and not have any hitches or unexpected bumps, rather than to hurry and have a less predictable outcome. Another way to phrase this is You don’t have time to do it right,…

Toggle is happy

This job is undoing me

… in the best way possible. My protective casing of hard-earned cynicism is being rubbed away by all this genuine kindness, cooperation, good culture, and all that jazz. It’s honestly kind of uncomfortable, like molting. You need to understand – I have this hard-ass candy shell for a reason. My first job in technology was…

Feature Flag Foul-Ups (Pivotal 2018)

Choose Your Own Deployment Adventure (PyCaribbean 2018)

The Devil’s Devops (DevOpsDays NYC 2018)

Upcoming appearances

Velocity Berlin
Minneapolis DevOps Meetup