Heidi Waterhouse

The Seven Righteous Fights (The Lead Developer, 2016)

The Seven Righteous Fights (SpringOne Platform, 2016) (long version)

A chapel constructed entirely of twisted vines and saplings.

What is a documentation architect?

When I was at Write the Docs 2015, several people asked me about the title I have in my LinkedIn heading: Documentation Architect. What did I mean by that? How is it different than content management or development architecture? What a documentation architect isn’t A documentation architect isn’t psychic. They can’t figure out your business…

The Seven Righteous Fights (Rubyconf, 2015)

Usually we think of compound interest as what adds magically to our retirement or makes our student loans last forever. But there is also a compound interest of technical debt, where a project is made harder and more expensive because of early “cost-saving” choices. I think it’s empowering for developers and other people involved in…

The New Sheriff in Town: Bringing Documentation Out of Chaos (Write the Docs, 2014)

By the time we get to mid-career, most of us have specialized, by technology, or organization type, or document type. We have a comfort zone. I have specialized in walking into chaos and creating order. I’ve done it enough times that I have a sequence of steps I follow. I imagine myself as a sheriff walking…

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