The Seven Righteous Fights: Extensibility

This is the third fight in my series The Seven Righteous Fights. For an introduction, see The Seven Righteous Fights: Overview. What can you do that would make your product more extensible, more configurable, easier to put into the ecosystem you are trying to serve? I always explain APIs as a sort of Lego connector…

How to write a lightning talk

This week I was at Write/Speak/Code, a conference designed to teach technical women how to excel in other parts of their careers. It was amazing, soul-filling, and sometimes painfully honest. I was asked to mentor a group of nine women for Speak Day. We had a couple hours for them to write and deliver lightning…

Waffle and syrup

The Seven Righteous Fights: Security

This is the second fight in my series The Seven Righteous Fights. For an introduction, see The Seven Righteous Fights: Overview. Contrary to what you may have heard, the internet is not actually a series of tubes connected by guys in ski masks. There are bad actors out there, but your product probably won’t attract…

The Seven Righteous Fights: Localization

This is the first fight in my series The Seven Righteous Fights. For an introduction, see The Seven Righteous Fights: Overview. Are you ever planning on selling this to someone in another country? Or someone who doesn’t speak your company’s primary language? I’ll tell you right now: Yes, you are. There’s a big wide world out there,…

Beyond Garbage Collection (PyDX, 2016)

Many hands make a messy wiki

In October, I attended HydraConnect. To my relief, it was not a networking event for evil comic book characters, but rather an in-depth conference for people running the Hydra software, which is used in higher education (and other library-like places) to organize digital collections. When I walked in the first day, I didn’t even know that…

Fear of the Bus (DevOpsDays Chicago, 2016)

Guest post at Authentic Engine blog

I have a guest post up today at Authentic Engine. Using your “whiskers” to detect disruptions Authentic Engine is a consultancy based on emotionally smart management and fostering workplace inclusivity and team emotional safety.

The Cardinal Virtues? of Technical Writing

First, a disclaimer: Medium served me this article, but it’s a year old. Weird. Nonetheless, I have things to say about the content. The Virtues of Technical Writing, by a pseudonymous writer Introduction They are gleaned from a Bachelor of Science degree in Scientific and Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota’s Writing Studies Department,…

The Seven Righteous Fights: Overview

This is a series derived from my popular talk “The Seven Righteous Fights”. It’s not an exact transcript, but I think having a written form to refer people to greatly increases accessibility and gives me room to expand my thoughts in a way that is not compatible with speaking. There are seven fights that I…

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