Y2K and Other Disappointing Disasters (RubyConf 2017)

Search-First Writing for Developers (NorthBay Python 2017)

The Death of Data (Signal 2017)


New job title: Developer Advocate

I've had a lot of job titles in my career: Technical Writing Intern Queen of Documentation (It was 2000, OK?) Technical Writer I, II, III Technical Communicator Senior Technical Writer Technical Writing Consultant Documentation Architect Documentation Mercenary You might notice a theme there. I've been a technical writer for a lot of different companies, because…

Open Source Citizenship Award

I was at Open Source Bridge this week, with my kiddo Baz. We were both giving talks, and I was giving a workshop on interviewing with Carol Smith. Also I got to MC the slideshow karaoke part of the after-party, which was huge fun. But the big news is that I won an award for…


Lady Speaker Small Talk

Sometimes, I think the hardest part of going to conferences is the unstructured time – lunches and happy hours and sponsored parties. That’s the time I remember I’m surrounded by 2,445 total strangers. And I’m supposed to be networking with them. If I think too much about this, I end up at “what do I…

I Have ADD and So Can — Oooh, Shiny (WomenTechMakers Montreal 2017)

The Death of Data: Signal 2017 edition

Twilio’s Signal conference had a lot of great parts, but I have to say I’m really impressed by their fast turnaround at getting video posted. Here is the recording of my talk on data retention, data destruction, and machine learning; Video: https://youtu.be/93ewk2pooAw Slides [View the story “The Death of Data at #signalconf” on Storify]

5 Years Behind the Mic

5 years ago, I kicked off the conference-speaking section of my career, with this classic hit: So many things about this! Like, uh, I’ve dyed my hair and learned to take my lanyard off and stopped using FrameMaker and Prezi. But also, this core theory is the basis of so many of my talks now.…


Lady Conference Speaker: Slides

Once you get a conference talk selected, you’ll want to put together the talk. There are speakers who can give entire talks without any visual aids, but most of the rest of us count on having some pictures to look at and prompt us. There are entire books written on slides – I liked Presentation…

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