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  • Stateful Acres Home for the Chronically Unique

    Stateful Acres Home for the Chronically Unique

    A No-Kill Shelter, Petting Zoo, and U-Fish Trout Pond Disclaimer: I am not a real sysadmin, but I do talk to many of them, and this humorous presentation is meant to highlight the problems of Going To The Cloud as experienced by legacy institutions.   The setting Stateful Acres is a legacy institution. You know…

  • Contract additions

    Contract additions

    Last year, I signed 4 contracts for work-for-hire. I estimate that will be average-to-low going forward, but I don’t have enough data points. Every time I work with a company, I come up with something I want to remember to specify for the next time, or at least attempt to negotiate for. Summary: Work-for-hire does…