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  • My spicy Product Marketing opinion

    My spicy Product Marketing opinion

    Product-led growth is important, but it can’t be the whole product marketing plan. Some differentiating features don’t work or can’t be shown in a freemium model. And in an economy that prizes efficiency over expansion, counting on developers to have time to noodle around with experiments may not be sustainable. 

  • Teaching and learning

    Teaching and learning

    At LaunchDarkly, we’ve been hiring really aggressively, because we’re doing amazing things. (Come work with me!) That means that we are also doing a bunch of training, and I’ve been working on doing the training for our non-technical employees, folks like marketing, design, outbound sales. They’re important to our success and they have a TON…

  • Nothing gold can stay

    Nothing gold can stay

    This month marks the end of two organizations that were really important to me, and I want to tell you about them. Alterconf Alterconf was a conference series that happened all over the world. The organizing spirit was Ashe Dryden. She took all her experience with the tech industry, gaming, and conferences, and used it…