Month: August 2017

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Writing exercise

As a developer advocate for LaunchDarkly, I need to understand the product in a bunch of different ways – at a technical level to give summaries of how to make integrations work, at a business level to explain how feature flags can save time and money, and at a rhetorical level, so I can quickly…

Is this the gate you want to keep?

Today on Twitter, I said: I really want everyone to stop conflating coding skill with technical skill. Tech is so much bigger than code. Or it could be. — Heidi @DevOpsDaysYVR (@wiredferret) August 16, 2017 That’s a lot of response for me. Like “Livetweeting @kelseyhightower” levels of reaction. So let’s stop and talk about that…


Retrograde tooling

We've reached a tipping point in technical writing, and we need to deal with it. The future is not going to involve producing documents, it's going to be producing seamlessly integrated content in and around products, and that means we need to change our expectations around tooling. This is going to hurt, but hopefully in…

The Death of Data (Signal 2017)


New employment: LaunchDarkly

Last week I told you about my exciting new job title, Developer Advocate. This week, let me tell you about my exciting new employer! On Monday I started a job with LaunchDarkly, a startup that does feature flags as a service. Feature flags are a way to distribute software with reduced risk. For example, if…

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