Lady Conference Speaker

The Death of Data (NDC Minnesota, 2018)

Disaster Resilience the Waffle House Way (DevOpsDays Baltimore 2018)

Choose Your Own Deployment (DevNet Create 2018)

The Sticker Talk (Write the Docs Portland, 2018)

Disaster Resilience the Waffle House Way (DevOpsDays Portland 2018)

Every Scar a Story (DevOpsDays Hartford 2018)

Choose Your Own Deployment (DevOpsDays Toronto 2018)


Lady Conference Speaker: 14 Travel Tips

I was talking to a fellow ladyish conference speaker, and I reeled off a list of my travel tips as they pertain to people who are working for small/nimble enough companies that you don’t have to book through The Corporate Site. Remember that your time is usually more valuable than the amount you can save…

The Kids Are Going to Be 200 OK (DrupalCon 2018)

Infosec is like sex ed. If you wait until kids need it, you have waited too long. Schools don’t, peers can’t, we have to. As security professionals, we spend a lot of time educating adults on how to be safer, how to protect themselves, how to be security aware. But if we really want to…


Construct, Capable, Confident

I can’t make it parallel. I tried. We just have to live with an imperfect world of non-parallel headline items. I was talking to another speaker the other day, and she asked me how I knew I was ready to give a talk. As with so many other things in my life, I have a…

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