Lady Conference Speaker

Search-First Writing for Developers (PyCon Canada 2018)

Choose Your Own Deployment Adventure (DevOpsDays NYC 2018)

The Death of Data (The Lead Developer Austin 2018)

Everything Is A Little Bit Broken (DevOps D-Day 2018)

Feature Flag Foul-Ups (Pivotal 2018)

Choose Your Own Deployment Adventure (PyCaribbean 2018)

The Devil’s Devops (DevOpsDays NYC 2018)

The Spirit in the System (IndexConf 2018)

Self-Documenting Coders [workshop](LinuxConf Australia 2018)

Lady Conference Speaker Talk Wrap-Up

I was talking to Bridget Kromhout about her wrap-up process, and she inspired me to a) do a better job publishing my talk information right after I give it, b) talk about my end-of-talk process. So, you have pitched a talk, gotten it accepted, written it, gotten on stage and given it, and answered any…

Upcoming appearances

Velocity Berlin
Minneapolis DevOps Meetup