On a jet plane…

I’ve been in Europe for the better part of three weeks now, and I’ll be going home Saturday. As you can imagine, I thought long and hard about everything I brought with me. I never want to take more luggage than I can comfortably manage on my own, up and down subway stairs. This is…

The Death of Data (NDC Minnesota, 2018)

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This job is all the best parts of going to college

I used to say that technical writing is an endless series of research papers, and if I had realized that when I started doing it, I might have studied harder at the Java class I flunked. But not really, because the thing I loved about research papers was reading the primary text, and a bunch…

Disaster Resilience the Waffle House Way (DevOpsDays Baltimore 2018)

Choose Your Own Deployment (DevNet Create 2018)

The Sticker Talk (Write the Docs Portland, 2018)

Disaster Resilience the Waffle House Way (DevOpsDays Portland 2018)

Every Scar a Story (DevOpsDays Hartford 2018)

Choose Your Own Deployment (DevOpsDays Toronto 2018)


Stickers, A Love Story

When I was in elementary school, I won a science fair, and travelled to the far-off land of Moscow, Idaho for the state competition. While there, I spent some of my food money on the most magical sticker ever. It was a gleaming metallic unicorn with rainbow colored mane and tail. It brought me joy…

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