The Death of Data (The Lead Developer Austin 2018)

Everything Is A Little Bit Broken (DevOps D-Day 2018)

Feature Flag Foul-Ups (Pivotal 2018)

Choose Your Own Deployment Adventure (PyCaribbean 2018)

The Devil’s Devops (DevOpsDays NYC 2018)

The Spirit in the System (IndexConf 2018)

Self-Documenting Coders [workshop](LinuxConf Australia 2018)

The sticker bag

I talked about this a little bit in Lady Speaker Small Talk , but let me expand. I have a bag of stickers that I take to every conference I go to. This week, I leveled up my game from “gallon ziploc bag of significant antiquity” to “bespoke bag”. It only took me a little while to…


Well, that didn’t go like I imagined

The Toggle Talk As a speaker, there are three things I count on to give a talk: Slides Narrative flow Speaker notes My dependence on these elements decreases as I give a talk multiple times, but I use the slides to help me remember where I am in the narrative even if I don’t refer…

2017 Speaking Recap

This was the year that I got more organized as a speaker. I took up Airtable as a way to track all of my conference proposals, and so I actually have a record of everything I submitted. Summary Attended 27 conferences, spoke at 24 Spoke at 3 user groups, 2 podcasts, 1 video interview, 1…

Upcoming appearances

Velocity Berlin
Minneapolis DevOps Meetup