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The Death of Data: Signal 2017 edition

Twilio’s Signal conference had a lot of great parts, but I have to say I’m really impressed by their fast turnaround at getting video posted. Here is the recording of my talk on data retention, data destruction, and machine learning; Video: Slides [View the story “The Death of Data at #signalconf” on Storify]

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Human Indexing

One of the consequences of cheap storage is that we have no incentive to reduce the amount of data we keep. We believe that we’re going to be able to search for whatever we want. But we are starting to exceed our human capacity to filter the returned results of our searches. Algorithms will help…

Nodevember Talk – Search-First Writing for Developers

[View the story “Nodevember – Search-First Writing for Developers” on Storify]

Why we must be prepared to kill off data

[View the story “The Death of Data” on Storify]

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Cassandra at the Keyboard: Whistleblowing and Working

I originally gave this talk at Open Source Bridge 2015. I then almost completely rewrote it and gave it at Write/Speak/Code Chicago in 2016. Content notes This essay will contain references to the following topics. If that’s something you prefer not to read about, I totally understand: Discussion of sexual harrassment Discussion of sexual violence…

The Seven Righteous Fights: Extensibility

This is the third fight in my series The Seven Righteous Fights. For an introduction, see The Seven Righteous Fights: Overview. What can you do that would make your product more extensible, more configurable, easier to put into the ecosystem you are trying to serve? I always explain APIs as a sort of Lego connector…

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