Documentation is not state secrets / Documentation is subtle self-promotion

Digital Sandwich Generation: Women’s Roles In Identity Management For Others (Alterconf Chicago, 2015)

I don’t know of any parenting books that tell you how to choose baby’s first handle.

I don’t know of any self-help books that tell you how to help your parents create a digital estate plan.

Both of these scenarios and many more are falling to the people who have always been responsible for maintaining the home and image. Will people judge you if your child is rude online (yes). Are you likely to be the person who has at least some work in sorting out your parents’ intangible assets. Have you even thought about how this will work? The technical/emotional labor of navigating these questions is likely to fall on either the most technical child in a generation, or the parent who is also tasked with behavioral training of other skills.

I’m going to talk about some techniques for how to accomplish these goals and communicate with peers to share ideas.

TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNINGS: Parental death, potential exploitation of children