I am here to help build better things, not disrupt for the sake of change. I’m motivated by solving real-world problems with measurable business and human outcomes.

Right now, I’m looking for contract work and shorter-term positions. After 5 years at a single startup, I want a chance to do some experimentation, to blend my technical writing with my technical marketing, and my audience analysis skills with my industry knowledge.

You are

An early-stage startup or small team who needs the following skills, but maybe not full-time:

  • Industry expertise, especially in DevOps, CI/CD, SaaS, APIs, or security
  • Sticker-based marketing (trust me on this)
  • Clear, concise, and audience-aware technical writing
  • Enthusiastic advocacy online and in-person
  • Keynote-level talks, both delivered by me or ghost-written for your busy team
  • Coaching and mentoring for your own team to take their message to the airwaves

I am

A respected speaker, author, and advocate who has spent years building a strong network of peers, sources, and colleagues.

What I do

Help you explain why your solution is useful and meaningful to your audience. Identifying and emphasizing business value is a significant part of my work.

What I’m looking for

I’d like a company where we work together to improve concrete and addressable technical problems people actually experience. I want to work with a team that is aware of and motivated by the complexity in sociotechnical systems. Software is more than computer instructions, it’s the entirety of the people and process the software exists in. My work style goes best with teams where there’s a lot of room to try things, even if there’s not always budget to do everything.

How you can trust I know what I’m doing

  • I co-wrote a book on technical writing: docsfordevelopers.com
  • I’ve delivered dozens of original talks around the world and to remote attendees
  • I mentored 20+ people to and through their first technical talk
  • I’m sought after for panels, podcasts, and conference organization positions
  • I’ve worked in the devops space almost as long as it’s existed

Contact me to talk about

  • Part-time consulting
  • Full-time consulting
  • Single events or campaigns
  • Team or individual public communication coaching