Consultant Offerings

What could I do for your organization as your consultant? Here's a partial list!

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Thought leadership is a kind of work so fuzzy and hard to define that we often put the term in scare quotes. However, it can be useful to hire or consult with a person who can help situate your solution in the broader ecosystem of software, solutions, and industry. These offerings are some of the things I can bring to your organization to help you make the most of your hard work and useful products.


Technical articles Descriptions of new products or features

Integrations and use cases

Business use articles Feature descriptions for business verticals

Business cases

Positioning your solution in the market

Elevator and conference pitches Pitches of multiple lengths, tuned for various audiences
Document analysis and content audit Read your existing documentation and identify gaps and useful future plans

Presentations and media

Conference talks  Co-written, ghost-written, or possibly submitted as myself.
Coaching for media appearances Interview coaching and practice sessions
Speaker coaching Coaching for speakers on pitches, writing presentations, and delivering talks in-person and remotely
Marketing campaign advising Targeting specific technology communities accurately, working with others to coordinate messaging and meaning with your product differentiators. Assisting in persona creation and calibration.
Remote glow-up Personalized consultation on camera, background, mics, and other remote presentation factors
Sticker consult Stickers are an underrated developer marketing channel with high ROI. I’m an industry expert in this specific specialty.

Other services

Speaker coaching Becoming a clearer, crisper, more confident speaker
Speech coaching Improving a particular talk or presentation
Target marketing analysis Who are you trying to talk to, where can you find them, and what do they want to hear?
Conference identification and targeting Where should you be sponsoring or speaking to maximize contact with your champions and customers?