Lady Conference Speaker

Fear of the Bus (DevOpsDays MSP 2017)

Verbose Mode (Systems We Love MSP, 2017)

Y2K and Other Disappointing Disasters (RubyConf 2017)

Search-First Writing for Developers (NorthBay Python 2017)

The Death of Data (Signal 2017)


Lady Speaker Small Talk

Sometimes, I think the hardest part of going to conferences is the unstructured time – lunches and happy hours and sponsored parties. That’s the time I remember I’m surrounded by 2,445 total strangers. And I’m supposed to be networking with them. If I think too much about this, I end up at “what do I…

I Have ADD and So Can — Oooh, Shiny (WomenTechMakers Montreal 2017)


Lady Conference Speaker: Slides

Once you get a conference talk selected, you’ll want to put together the talk. There are speakers who can give entire talks without any visual aids, but most of the rest of us count on having some pictures to look at and prompt us. There are entire books written on slides – I liked Presentation…

A set of 14 speaker photos. All but one appear to be white men.

Lady Speaker CFP Submissions

The way one becomes a Lady Speaker is by speaking. That’s pretty obvious. But how to do you get someone to give you a stage and a microphone and an audience? That’s what this post will partially cover. Specifically, how do you submit a talk proposal? Find decent conferences There are lots of places you…

Search-First Writing for Developers (Nodevember, 2016)

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